Overview - FLOAT
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Recommended by doctors, sports trainers, and therapists, floatation is gaining popularity not only as a luxurious spa escape, but also as an extremely powerful tool for overall health, wellness, and athletic performance.


The pure physical relaxation of floatation is now known to trigger the body’s natural powers of healing and regeneration, which can be suppressed by the day-to-day stress of competitive urban life. The ultra-deep relaxation of floating “resets” the body’s hormonal and metabolic balance, strengthening resistance to and accelerating recovery from the effects of stress, illness, injury or strenuous exercise.


Everyone can benefit from floatation, from stressed-out business people and students, chronic pain sufferers and expectant mothers, to tri-athletes and golfers. No training, preparation, or skill is required.  Anyone, regardless of age or body type, will float effortlessly – you cannot sink. Users leave the tank feeling refreshed, recharged and revitalized. Benefits are not only immediate but can last for days on end.


The following general benefits of floatation have been reported by researchers and users:



  • relieves mental and physical stress
  • improves sleep
  • increases mental awareness
  • accelerates learning and creativity
  • improves emotional state
  • diminishes depression, anxiety
  • relief from pain and injury
  • enhances athletic training and performance
  • easier more comfortable pregnancy
  • boosts immune function
  • systemic detoxification